Industry's Most Aggressive SLAs
Ensure Seamless Transition To New Business Processes
Reduce The Operating Costs, Save Capital Investment In It
Reduce Risks; Increase Reliability
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Service Level Agreements-SLAs

Choosing a service provider is never easy and it seems to be risky when your business is at stake. We know that the availability of your IT Infrastructure is of utmost importance and entrusting your business activities to Soft-Linx is something that we take seriously. That’s why we have built the IT industry’s most aggressive Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cover the multiple components that keep your IT Infrastructure up and running.

Soft-Linx’ SLA is a contract between you, the customer, and Soft-Linx. It defines the terms of our responsibility and the guaranty if our responsibilities are not met. We want our customers to feel at ease with their decision to move their responsibilities to Soft-Linx, and knowing that Thechbridge takes your IT Infrastructure uptime as seriously as you do is imperative. You get the support services and priority you need depending on the criticality of your business with response times as low as 24x7x1 hrs.

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By outsourcing the management of your IT Infrastructure operations, you can:

  • save capital investment in it.
  • reduce the operating costs.
  • ensure seamless transition to new and advanced business processes.
  • reduce risks; increase reliability.
  • Dedicate your resources to core business.
  • Expand your business.
  • Successfully meet the competitive challenges.
  • Rely on 24x7x365 support of experienced IT specialists.