Server Virtualization
Flexibility And Simplicity That Virtualization Provides Has The Power
To Change The Dynamics Of Your Business
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Server Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions

The flexibility and simplicity that virtualization provides has the power to change the dynamics of your business. Server consolidation with virtualization can dramatically reduce the number of physical servers and minimize administrative workloads through centralized management. Soft-Linx offers a wide array of comprehensive virtualization and consolidation solutions from software and services to hardware platforms to help bring cost efficiency and agility to your entire IT infrastructure so your business can thrive in rapidly changing current and future business environments.

Many organizations are consolidating, or centralizing, IT today using the Virtualization technologies in order to reduce the server farms thus minimizes the power and cooling systems utilization. Virtualization is an abstraction layer that decouples the physical hardware from the operating system to deliver greater IT resource utilization and flexibility.

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  • Multiple applications and operating systems can be supported within a single physical system
  • 60-80% utilization rates for x86 servers up from today’s 5-15%
  • Servers can be consolidated into virtual machines on either a scale-up or scale-out architecture
  • New applications provisioned in tens of seconds, not days
  • Computing resources are treated as a uniform pool to be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner
  • Change request response times measured in minutes
  • Data does not leak across virtual machines and applications can only communicate over configured network connections
  • Complete virtual machine environment is saved as a single file; easy to back up, move and copy
  • Zero-downtime hardware maintenance without waiting for maintenance windows

Private Cloud Computing Solutions

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Organizations are turning to cloud computing to improve IT efficiency and business agility. With cloud computing, you can enable more flexible service delivery and automate core IT processes, including both user and application provisioning and systems management.

Soft-Linx virtualization solutions accelerate an organization’s transition to the cloud, by abstracting complexity and creating an elastic pool of compute, storage and networking resources. By virtualizing all assets in the IT infrastructure, you can create a private cloud that leverages the world’s most trusted virtualization platform, VMware vSphere.

To amplify the benefits of virtualization and increase agility, enterprises are starting to implement private clouds. A private cloud solution delivers three unique capabilities to the enterprise

  • An efficient and secure approach to using shared infrastructure for servicing highly frequent requests
  • A standardized, portable, extensible approach to enable workloads to be deployed without manual configuration and across multiple clouds
  • Agile access to shared infrastructure so workloads can be provisioned on demand